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Optimize your operations with ShipDocs.

ShipDocs streamlines marine fleet management by connecting onboard data with centralized office operations. Our advanced replication engine ensures secure and reliable data sharing between ships and your hub. This seamless integration enables precise fleet management, increasing efficiency while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Effortless data collection
Comprehensive reports and logbooks
Instant port clearance
Effortless data collection
Comprehensive reports and logbooks
Instant port clearance

Port docs

Digital port clearance

Port docs module enables any Captain or officer on the ship to easily prepare any document needed for ship clearance. This maritime documentation tool streamlines the process of generating port entry and customs clearance documents, reducing the administrative burden on ship officers.

Parts of ShipDocs software displayed on three screens, showcasing ports management and generating ship forms.
Icon depicting time-saving of captains and officers spent on maritime forms preparation.

Save officers dozens of hours on forms preparation

Icon symbolizing reduction of costly mistakes and fines with a financial graph and dollar sign.

Reduce costly mistakes, avoid fines and operational delays

Icon showing cog and exclamation symbolizing minimize risk of incidents in maritime operations.

Minimize the risk of incident resulting in damages and legal consequences


Computer screens with list of logs and Garbage Record Book in ShipDocs logbook module.

Electronic logbooks

The e-LogBooks module is a modern tool for maintaining electronic ship logs. Crew can input voyage data, maintenance records, and other critical information directly into the system, ensuring accuracy and timeliness. Accreditation from main flag states currently in progress.

Icon depicting compliance with IMO, Marpol, and SOLAS regulations through a document and checkmark.

Meet IMO, Marpol and SOLAS regulatory requirements

Icon illustrating seamless data sharing with fleet management with cloud and network links.

Seamlessly share with your office fleet management center

Icon showing simplified data entry with smart validation, featuring a monitor and gears.

Simplify the cumbersome data entry process with smart validation


Operational reports

The advanced data system facilitates daily operational report sharing with the Shipowner’s Office, aligning with international standards and fostering transparent communication and accountability. It supports fleet-wide optimization of human and material resources, including ongoing calculation of the fuel-energy efficiency factor (EE).

Computer's screens with list of operational reports of ShipDocs ship and fleet software.
Icon showing optimized resources of the entire fleet, like fuel and energy with cog and ship.

Optimize resources of the entire fleet, including fuel and energy

Icon showing gaining real-time data from vessels of theirs operations to make decisions quickly.

Gain real-time visibility into vessel operations to make informed decisions quickly

Icon representing secure two-way data exchange between ship and shore, even offline.

Secure data sharing via two-way encrypted ship-to-shore data transfer

Plays well in other ecosystems and apps

Our applications, both for fleet management and onboard use, are designed to seamlessly integrate with other systems. This allows them to work with both our own and external applications, providing full flexibility and efficiency. Whether you are using our crewing system, reporting system, payroll system, or want to connect to other tools, our solutions are ready for integration.


Developed from 40 years of maritime experience, our solution addresses the most pressing challenges in modern shipping. Designed to ensure a seamless and reliable experience, it meets the diverse needs of shipowners, officers, and crew members alike.


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